WIXStores Features

Customize Your Galleries

Seamless Checkout Process

Simple, Secure Payment

Create Your Unique Look

Manage Your Online Store

Easily Track Your Orders


Every time a customer makes a purchase, it will be added to the Store Manager so you can easily view all the details. Once an order has been shipped, mark it as fulfilled.

Manage Your Inventory


From the Store Manager, you can easily keep track of your inventory. You can set the color and size options for your products and indicate how many of each item you have in stock.

Keep in Touch


Send ShoutOut newsletters to your customers directly from your dashboard. Keep them coming back by telling them about special sales, events, and more.


With WixStores eCommerce, you can receive secure payments in a variety of ways, including PayPal, credit cards and more. Create a smooth buying experience for your customers.

Set shipping and tax rules for each product, and modify the price based on where your customers are located. WixStoreswill automatically calculate the shipping and tax fees for each order.


WixStores will send you an email to let you know that
the purchase has been made and then it’s up to you to send the product on its way!
Your customers will also get a confirmation email.


Your store’s shopping bag icon will appear on any page of your site for customers to quickly view the items they plan to purchase and go through a secure buying experience. You can rest assured that your customers’ personal information is safe.

Manage Shipping & Tax

Stay Updated by Email

Secure Shoppping Cart

Create Various Product Options

WixStores has a wide selection of professionally designed templates to help you get started with your online store.
Be available for your customers anytime on any device. Your online store is automatically optimized for mobile use.
Our drag n’ drop store builder makes it easy to design a unique, personalized website that really reflects your business.
Your online store comes with stunning product galleries to showcase your products. Each product can also be opened in its own full product page.
Set different product variants such as sizes or colors for each product. Add as many images as you want for each one.
Tell your customers everything about what the product offers and display many photos for each item.

Add Images & Descriptions

Showcase Sales and Offers

Add a ribbon to any product to advertise a sale or limited stock. Make it easy for customers to find your great offers.
Your customers will see a special thank you message after they place their online order.

Thank Your Customers

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Stunning Templates

Beautiful Galleries

Flexible Design

Mobile Optimized