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Cohen Creative Designs
The creative approach to life & Business transformation.
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Cohen Creative Designs

Hello, I'm Christina Cohen, Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Life and Business Coach. Dedicating over 15 years to a corporate environment where I learned about marketing, business I was no stranger to designing campaigns for over 800 business owners while maintaining corporate demands, annual corporate conventions, show running general sessions, and corporate recruitment. I speak fluently in the realm of design. I have utilized my talents in copious fashions such as business branding, traditional and digital advertising, painting, photography. I find myself passionate about the architecture design, including remodeling plus interior design. I can't ignore the significance design skill for life by utilizing transitional life coaching. Maintaining a healthy mental and physical body and spirit will truly give you the fuel to accomplish an abundant life. I chose this business because I want to help others overcome their limiting beliefs. It's rewarding when I can see an individual take charge of their life and experience confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem; they can then realize that the sky is the limit. Clients will discover themselves in loving relationships that work. Clients also have the courage to change careers and manifest their dreams into reality. I practice what I preach; being a wife, mother and this career choice holds me accountable to stay true to my mission. "I want to leave a legendary impression. I will do this through creativity, determination, integrity so I can live a life full of laughter, health, wealth and lead others to pursue their happiness." If you'd fancy living your life to its full potential and are ready to accept TODAY as your sign instead of putting it off until tomorrow, let's get started....

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