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Add to Calendar
Разработано The Wix Wiz
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Add to Calendar

Разработано The Wix Wiz
Minimize Effort, Maximize Turnout
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Add to Calendar

    Choose Multiple Calendars (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, ICS)
    Choose from Multiple Layouts and Display Options
    Add Event Details with Ease
    Connect to Collection Data
Add to Calendar is the ultimate solution for seamless event management and integration with your favorite calendar platforms. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Add to Calendar makes adding events a breeze. Add to Calendar supports integration with Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and Outlook ICS, ensuring compatibility with your preferred calendar platform. Adding events to your calendar is quick and easy with Add to Calendar. Simply input event details such as title, date, time, location, and description, or connect to external data sources for automatic population of event information. Tailor the display of your calendar events to suit your preferences with customizable layout options. Choose between row or column display modes and select from different display styles including full, icons only, or label only. Connect to external data sources such as contacts or email threads to populate event details automatically. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy the convenience of seamless integration with your existing information sources.
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План Basic


Google Calendar
Add Event Details
Data Binding
План Pro


Multiple Calendars
Change Layout
Icon or Label Display
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