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Instagram Stream Instafeed
Разработано POWR
Есть бесплатный план

Instagram Stream Instafeed

Разработано POWR
Share your Instagram feed right from your site
Есть бесплатный план

Instagram Stream Instafeed

    Engage your site visitors with an automatic feed from your Instagram
    Display your feed or any public accounts or hashtags you like in a beautiful gallery layout
    Get more followers by adding social sharing buttons to your posts
    Automatically update your content or manually approve posts before publishing them to your website
Get more sales with a beautiful Instagram gallery. Use Instagram posts on your site to showcase products, reviews, and events, or use them as a lookbook. Instagram Stream updates automatically so you can stream social media content from your account, other accounts you follow, or even hashtags. Get more followers, keep content fresh, and increase time spent on your site. - Follow any public account or hashtag to create a custom Instagram feed. - Select from a grid, collage, or slider layout and choose your image cropping style. It's an easy image optimizer. - Combine images, photos, videos, and text in one responsive gallery. - Show or hide post captions and add image hover effects. - Add social sharing buttons so visitors can share your photos or videos. - Approve posts before adding them to your site. Need help? Have questions? Reach out to a POWR Pro via email 24/7.
ДоступностьПриложение доступно по всему миру.
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Вы можете перевести контент приложения на любой язык.

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План Basic


24-hour content updates
1 account/hashtag per feed
6 posts per account
24/7 email support
План Starter


Remove POWR logo
12-hour content updates
2 accounts/hashtags per feed
12 posts per account
План Pro


3-hour content updates
4 accounts/hashtags per feed
20 posts per account
Custom CSS/JS
План Business


20-minute content updates
15 accounts/hashtags per feed
Up to 50 posts (20 on Insta)
Enable manual content approval
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