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LitCommerce Multichannel Sell
Разработано LitCommerce
Есть бесплатный план

LitCommerce Multichannel Sell

Разработано LitCommerce
Bulk Import/Sync w/ Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, TikTok +
Есть бесплатный план
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  • LitCommerce Multichannel Sell

        Multiple channels connect: Connect with multiple channels like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, TikTok Shop, Walmart etc., and streamline the inventory, prices, and orders management process within a single dashboard. All at once!
        Powerful bulk-listing tool: Edit products individually or in filtered groups using a spread-sheet layout. Moreover, with LitCommerce Template & Recipe, the process of editing listings will be even more rapid.
        Integrated order flow: Import and process orders from all sales channels you have through your Wix store. LitCommerce avoids overselling by consistently updating inventory counts after each transaction.
        Real-time sync: Easily and automatically sync inventory, orders and price from all sales channels no matter how many products you're selling.
    LitCommerce is the most simple and affordable multi-channel selling solution for online brands to list and sell products on the top-global marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Wish, Google Merchant, and Facebook shopping. Our tool allows data on these channels to be centrally managed in one dashboard. That way, retailers can easily fulfill orders from multiple sales channels and ensure the best customer experience. New Marketplace Integrations: TikTok Shop, Reverb, OnBuy, Sears and Shopee! Learn how LitCommerce works: Step 1: Connect your store to one or multiple sale channels. Log in to your sales channels account to establish the integration. Step 2: List products to sale channels Select products from your catalog to create draft listings before editing and publishing to sale channels. Step 3: Sync price & inventory Turn on real-time sync to instantly update product attributes, price, and quantity on your sale channels. Step 4: Import & fulfill orders Log in to your store to manage all orders from sale channels and fulfill them on time.
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