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Product Page Volume Discounts
Разработано Multiorders Solutions
30 дней бесплатно

Product Page Volume Discounts

Разработано Multiorders Solutions
Insert Discounts widget into your Product page
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30 дней бесплатно

Product Page Volume Discounts

    Create & promote product discounts right on your product pages (not just in cart and checkout)
    Discounts can be set in percentage, dollar amount or specific price
    Customize your offers to match your stores theme
    Works seamlessly with the checkout flow
Using Automatic Discounts functionality, but cannot natively promote these discounts on your product pages? Your prayers have been answered. Product Page Volume Discounts is a game-changer tool, that allows to insert a discount widget right into your site's product page. Now you can drastically Boost your Sales, by increasing an Average Order Value of every single order. - Enjoy our free live chat support to address any questions or concerns. We also offer free setup via Zoom call, so let us know if any assistance is needed.
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