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QuickBooks Connector
Разработано Intuit

QuickBooks Connector

Разработано Intuit
Integrate QuickBooks Online to your site.
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  • QuickBooks Connector

        Eliminate human error from manual data entry between your QuickBooks Online and your website
        Automatically create sales in your QuickBooks Online for orders made on your site, including associated customers, products, taxes and payments
        Our customer champions are happy to get you up and running - Available to chat live in-app or on our website or via email at support@onesaas.com
        IMPORTANT: QuickBooks Connector is compatible with most web browsers however is not compatible with Safari
    Automate your accounting by using this QuickBooks Connector app to start syncing sales from your site to your existing QuickBooks Online Account. Save hours of manually entering invoices, customers and products from one app to another. QuickBooks Connector gets your business apps happily sharing data with each other. We take care of the hard stuff (accounting accuracy) with data transformations based on 10+ years of domain expertise. Without any technical knowledge, you can connect your apps and set up how they share data from one to another. The QuickBooks Online app allows you to integrate the following workflows: - Retrieve orders from your Wix Store, Wix Bookings, Wix Events or Wix Hotels - Retrieve orders depending on their payment status - Map tax codes from your store orders to tax codes in your QuickBooks Online - Create new Items in your QuickBooks Online account when products are created in your store - Choose to match items to QuickBooks Online items by Name or SKU - Map accounts in your QuickBooks Online account for your site payments.
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